Posted on: March 18, 2010 9:54 am

It's All about Me These Days.....

So, it's 5:30 AM.  Outside the door of our timeshare, 21 floors up, I hear loud talking.  Real loud talking.  Wakes me and the Mrs. up.  Note, never wake the Mrs. up that early unless its to leave for Hawaii or to inform her she won the Powerball.  Anyway I get up, fling the door open and there are three college age guys, looking over the railing and drinking beer.  I informed them they just woke us up, I was pissed, and they needed to go to the lobby or back to their room.  They apologized and walked away.  As I tried to get another 1/2 hour of sleep, which didn't bother to show up, the old brain started thinking.  Didn't they think of anyone but themselves, or were they even thinking at all? 

At this point, I will confess i probably was a bit too boisterous as a college student as well.  Hopefully I never woke anyone up in the wee hours of the AM though.  Well, at least not talking loudly ouside anyway.

In all phases of life in 2010, it seems the main topic on everyone's agenda is, well, themselves.  Intentionally or unknowingly society leans towards pleasing yourself these days.  How often do we run into people who believe if you don't lead your life exactly like them, there is something wrong with you?  A lot more than 25 years ago so it seems.  Even those who volunteer to do chairty work often do it for the attention.  My wife knows several people who work with charities just to be seen and add to their social standing.  No love for the project or the folks being helped.

Maybe I'm over reacting.  Maybe we were always this way as a society.  There are just so many more of us now it becomes easier to run into the selfish.  Technology has broadened everyone's opportunity to expose their souls to the world for good and bad, especially with the internet and social forums like Facebook and even CBS sports somewhat.  Or, technology allows us to turn inward more with being on-line too much or quietly tuning out the world with out MP3 players and I-Pods (although kids love to share all those crazy applications they can download to the I-pod touches, especially my son and his 32G worth of storage).  We have more media selections and programming to fill.  As humans we tend to enjoy watching the foilables of others.  That bad behavior rubs off on everyone though. 

Thanks for letting me vent a little here everyone.  Somehow and someway I hate to see us a society become more me oriented.  Many called the 70's the Me Decade.  We were rookies compared to what's going on today.  I'm to the point I don't even like to use I in a sentance unlees I can somehow find a better way to talk about how I'm feeling and my thoughts.

And if you don't like my blog today, too bad.  If it hits too close to home or if you don't see things my way on this, I feel sorry for you.Wink 

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