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Posted on: December 11, 2009 12:44 pm

It's Time to Give One to the Big Uglys

I’ll just come out and say it from the beginning.  I don’t like award shows on TV.  I did when I was younger some but as I aged I began to not watch them for several reasons.They tend to be boring and repetitive.

  1. All that pretty hardware they hand out, none of it is destined for my fireplace mantle.  D2Moo isn’t getting squat from them.
  2. No body I know personally or their friends are going to be on the receiving end either.
  3. Many of the awards are essentially somewhat meaningless.  For example, if group XYZ gets a Grammy and you don’t care for their music, it has no meaning for you.  Everyone else has the right to watch obliviously, and I’d never take that right away.  I’m tuning in to something else or posting on Sportsline though.

Of all the awards I have little interest in; the Heisman Trophy is one of them.  Many college football fans eagerly await that Saturday in December to see who walks away with the Downtown Athletic Club’s highest honor.  Me, I’d rather check out the 1AA (yes I know they call it something else now), D2, and D3 playoffs.  But I understand the interest many have in the award.  And why don’t I usually care?  Because big uglys never get the award (and for SEC fans who hate Florida, I’m not talking about Tim Tebow).

See, I was a big ugly in middle school before my knees went bad.  They are unsung heroes of the gridiron, the offensive and defense linemen whose moment of glory comes in film rooms where the coaches praise them for a great block, or for taking on two or three offensive players allowing a safety or linebacker to crush a running back.  Big uglys don’t get primetime awards.  But this year one should.

Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh deserves the Heisman Trophy in 2009.  Why you ask?  Why D2? Thanks for asking.  The reason he deserves it is simple.  No one player at the major college level was as good as he was this year.  I can’t quantify that into stats because with the right stats, I could prove Blaine Gabbert is worthy of the award.  No, what you have to go by is what every opponent has said about him.  He was the best defensive player many of them have ever seen.  Coaches talk about how he takes half of the playbook away from the offense.  Even with being on the field way too much due to an inefficient offense, he is as strong with three minutes left in the game as he was three minutes into the game.  He changes games just by taking you out of yours.  Oh. And there is one last reason, it’s time.  The best player in college football isn’t always a running back, quarterback, or wide receiver.  Some times, just sometimes, it’s a big mean ugly guy who wills his team to wins as much as any skill position player.

 Others may agree with me, and many will not.  That’s okay.  Everyone’s opinion is valid.  Just one time though, I want to see a truly deserving dominating lineman win the Heisman.  It is time.   So, between errands, hopefully celebrating my NW Missouri Bearcats 3<sup>rd</sup> championship in D2, and other games, I might tune in to the award show.  If there is any justice in college football whatsoever, Ndamukong Suh will get to forever be known as the Heisman Trophy Winner for 2009.  If he isn’t, all those skills players better hope Suh is on their team in the pros, because he’ll be waiting to crush them every Sunday.  Come to think of it, he’ll be ready to crush them anyway.  Winning the award just means he’ll just have a bigger smile on his face when he “meets” them.

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