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Posted on: March 26, 2010 12:42 am

Pictures Can Invoke Unexpected Thoughts

Pictures can convey powerful images and emotions.  All of us have experienced the good and bad emotions photographs invoke in all of us.  Sometimes they come at us from an unexpected source.  The other day, a photo from an unsuspecting place moved my thoughts in a way that was very hard to imagine.

The picture was on an item that usually brings great joy, my Kansas Speedway tickets.  The image on the Camping World Truck Series ticket was the one that moved me.  Holding up high the winner’s trophy was Ricky Hendrick.  His only win in NASCAR’s top series was at Kansas in their inaugural truck race in 2001.  His dad, the famous race team and car dealership owner wasn’t there that day.  I have read and seen on documentaries what a proud day it was for the family.  They thought at the time Ricky would win other races.  It would be his last one as a driver.  He retired in 2002 to become a car owner like his dad Rick.  His life ended too soon in the now infamous jet crash in Oct. 2004 on the way to Martinsville from the Charlotte area.  The coincidence with the trucks and Cup series at Martinsville this week is one that I cannot discount either.  It's almost movie script like in the timing.

Then my thoughts turned to my own son, now 14.  I never want to know how devastating it would be to lose him at a young age.  How hard it must have been for Rick Hendrick to go through that.  My parents never fully recovered from sister’s death in her mid 20’s.  Yet life does go on and the good memories are kept close to our hearts and fresh in our minds.  A good photo helps too, say one of a trophy held high in joy and triumph.

Funny, just as I was ready to open up Word to finish this blog, my son finished his piano and viola practice, came over and gave me a hug good night.  I wonder if he knew what I was going to write about tonight?  I think we sell teens short sometimes.  They know more than we suspect they do.

And this set of ticket stubs for the truck race is going in the collection downstairs when the race is over in May.  They’re definitely keepers.

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