Posted on: March 2, 2010 10:54 am

You Just Never Know Who You'll Meet in Vegas

Trips to Las Vegas never cease to amaze me.  The town always springs a new surprise on me every time I go.  This trip out to see the NASCAR races were no exception.  However, the unexpected event this time was more than just something cool that happened for the weekend.  I’m getting the lawn mowed all summer courtesy of my 14 year old son.  Here’s the scoop.

 The Saturday of the Nationwide race, my friend Ron and I are scoping out all the manufacturers displays.  Over at the Chevy pavilion there was a sight that would catch any race fans attention, a very two tone pink race car.  Extremely pink to be sure.  Had to go over and check the Chevy out.  I thought it might be a Breast Cancer awareness car.  Well, there were breasts on it all right, a very striking pair in a photo belonging to one Kim Kardashian.  That’s right, the same Kim from the TV show and Reggie Bush’s main squeeze.  She was promoting her new perfume line and she was sponsoring Mike Bliss and the 36 car.  Yep, that 36 was a long way’s off from its M & M’s days for certain.  Then we saw the sign.  Kim herself was going to appear at the LVMS to sign autographs.  Didn’t think much more of it and we moved on.  I was anticipating getting Ned Jarrett’s and Junior Johnson’s autographs the next day.  After the race, we ate and got back to the room.  I called home.  A fateful call it turned out to be.

 “Dad, can you really get Kim Kardashian’s autograph?”  During the call home I had mentioned that KK was coming to the track for an autograph session.  My intent was to tease him for not coming out to Vegas with us.  What I ended up with was a desperate plea to get her signature by any means necessary.  He watches the show sometimes and enjoys it.  So I agreed, a little miffed at myself for now forgoing Ned’s and Junior’s autographs.  Then a strange and wonderful idea came across my mind.  It was an inspired moment in any adult’s life for.  A way came available of ridding myself of a summer chore.  “Son, I’ll get it for you under one condition, you have mow the lawn for me all summer.  No alternating every other time.  I’ll give up my autographs for you if you agree.”   Being 13, almost 14, he rapidly agreed.  “You dog,” Ron tells me.  “Good luck getting him to follow through when it’s hot in July.”  The deal was done though.  I now had to go get her signature.

 5:30 AM comes awfully early, even in a city like Vegas.  But there we were, getting cleaned up and heading off to the races literally.  The first 100 people in line would get the wristbands that would allow one autograph from Kim.  Pulled into the preferred parking and headed for the Chevy display area.  We arrived there at 6:35 expecting a horde of people.  To my amazement there were five people in line.  Five.  Not a mass of humanity like was waiting in line to get Joey Logano’s signature.  Five.  We all formed a line.  By 7:00 there was 50.  By 7:15 the wristbands were all gone.  Now came the wait.  Passed some time listening to AJ Allemdinger being interviewed at the Speed Channel pavilion by the PRN Radio Network announcers.  Then it was time to go get in line. 

 The line had an eclectic mix of folks, but the majority of the folks waiting were under 30.  It was an opportunity to talk and be friendly with those around us.  At 9:10, Kim showed up in a white Suburban.  She was wearing a black bodysuit with pink accents.  Very stunning in person I must say.  She is in excellent shape and her shape is excellent.  The really large caboose she was famously teased about is not as big anymore.  She was friendly and posed for a ton of pictures from the media and fans.  Then she began signing cards that promoted her perfume by Sephora.  She allowed pictures and acknowledged  everyone when they said thank you.  Overall it was a very pleasant experience.  She had to rush tough because signing 100 autographs in 15 minutes is not easy.  Funny, only at a race track would Kim Kardashian be pushed aside for Ryan Newman.  Ryan, Kim, Kim Ryan, don’t tell me there’s something very wrong with that dichotomy.

 So there you have it.  I’m typing this into Word as my Frontier flight cruises at 30.000 feet above Kansas.  I never would have believed this if you would have told me.  Ned and Junior, forgive me.  Under the same circumstances, you two might have done the same thing.


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