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Posted on: February 20, 2010 7:32 am

Tiger Did Not Owe Me An Apology

Friday was a busy day at work.  Lots and lots of customers and phones ringing off the hook.  It always happens that way when wet snowflakes as big as snowballs are coming down.  So, i run into the main part of our office to ask a question about a shipment and there, in glorious 54 inches of color and high definition is Tiger Woods, giving his formal apology to the would, the universe, and to any thing that could hear him.  My brother in law, who would not scroll down one click on the remote to look at golf is watching, soaking up every word.  He looks at me and says, "Well he screwed up (that's the sanitized version of the statement form a man who can make good morning sound like an obscene tirade), but he doesn't owe the apology to me.  It didn't bother me."  I said yep and went about my work.  For once, the in law was correct.  Tiger didn't owe me an apology.

He does not owe me an apology because, frankly, I was not harmed in any way.  Tiger was never on a golden pedestal with me.  I'm old enough to know the heroes of sports are but mere mortals, subject to the same temptations we all are exposed to.  With their cash, heck, they get tempted even more than us everyday folks.  Sexual temptations are nothing new in sport.  Look at Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Shawn Kemp, Wade Boggs. Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich swapping wives and families in the 70's, and who knows how many transgressions from famous athletes down through the years.  Yet in none of those instances was I harmed or done wrong.  Yes, society can lose some of it's moral fabric when marriages fail and spouses cheat, yet we seem to survive.  We are a people who love to tear down the famous and powerful in order to see them apologize and humble themselves. 

So Tiger, I accept your apology.  My acceptance is not the one you need though.  You need Elin's, the kids, and both families' acceptance of your public mea culpa.  You need to work things out with them and I hope you succeed.  No apology to me was needed though.  I always knew you were human.  
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