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Posted on: February 3, 2010 11:37 am

Do NASCAR Fans Really Need to Complain So Much?

Let me preface this entry in the Moo Report by saying I am a huge fans of almost all tpes of motor racing.  I enjoy watching races on the TV and even more so in person.  In the U.S. right now, NASCAR is the 800 Lb. Gorilla of motor sports.  They have the most fans, most recognizable drivers, and most sponsorship dollars.  Yet there always seems to be trouble brewing in Paradise.  If you read posts here on CBS, listen to some on Sirius, and pay attention to all other forms of racing media, one would think that there are no fans of NASCAR left.  So it begs my question, Do NASCAR fans really need to complain so much?

It is not my intent to take away the right of fans to complain about things they do not like.  All of us need to exercise that opportunity from time to time.  I applaud the sport for changing starting times to earlier and consistent starting times.  That came from fans letting the sport know late starts kept them from watching the whole race on Sundays.  that's not the type of complaining I'm refering to.

The type of complaints I make reference to are the people who say everything was better years ago.  They refuse to watch or go to a race because Dale isn't here anymore, or Junior isn't winning races, or they don't like the tracks.  They can't stand the top 35 rule, or hate the wing, I want spoilers/love the wing, hate the spoilers.  They won't watch until the cars look like factory cars again.  They won't go because the races suck (obiviously they haven't been watching..having Petty or Pearson win by 2 laps was real exciting).  Jimmie Johnson wins all the time and I don't like him.  They complain about the sport for any myriad of reasons.  Again, it is the right of everyone to like what they want to like, but here is the question, why do they cheat themselves?

Why do you give up something you obiviously still want to enjoy.  Change is hard on fans.  As the sport evolved from a predominately Southern sport to a national sport, it needed to appeal to more people who were the non-traditional fan.  As NASCAR attempted to please everyone, appeal to everyone, and attempt to make teams happy and competitive, they lost some of the traditionalists. 

What I am angling towards is for fans to stop and think before they gripe.  Is the problem an actual problem?  Is the problem so bad it will chase me away if it isn't resolved the way I want it to be?  All I wan't folks to do is look at the sport anew every year.  Pick a driver or two, cheer for them.  Pick a villian an hope the drive fast and turn right.  Just do your best to have fun again and work for change as you watch.

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