Posted on: September 6, 2010 11:31 pm

On The Lighter Side........

Well folks, I just guaranteed that for the next 5 years, the central portion of the Midwest (KC) will recieve exactly no measurable snowfalls.  Not over a 1/4 inch of snow will fall in any one snow event as the weather folks now like to call them.  And just exactly how can a simple nonmeterologist like myself make such a bold prediction.  It is easy.  See, I just bought a snow blower for the first time in my life.  Yes sir, exactly one year too late, instead of shoveling 70 feet of driveway free of 20 inche of snow, I could have been zipping along, blowing snow into my neighbors yard, building a barrier to prevent his large dogs from yellowing my pristine snow. 

But no. I had no foresight last year to make such a purchase.  Then again, a 15% off sale at Lowes plus a 50 dollar coupon and a 50 dollar gift card made yielding to temptation all too easy.  It isn't the biggest Troy-Built they make, but it isn't the smallest either.  It was the one right below the one that was DOT rated for clearing Interstates.   Yes sir, I am ready now for that wet white stuff to fall from the skies.  Just one problem though.  The last time I bought a sled for my son, it didn't snow enough for two years.  So, I figure it may be five years before I'll get to use this baby.  Just about the time it will no longer start, even though I will lovingly go crank 'er up once a month in the winter, we'll get another 20+ inch blizzard.  Then the trusty plastic snow shovel in the corner once more will make a grand exit from the garage, scooping snow one heavy shovelful at a time.

Yes sir, this may be the best investment in climate control I have ever made.  Sorry kids, you really didn't want those snow days.
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