Posted on: December 28, 2009 1:48 pm

A Funny Thing Happened to Boise and TCU......

One week from today, TCU and Boise State will play each other in the Fiesta Bowl.  Each school will receive a large payout for being in Arizona for the game.  The schools’ alums, supporters, students, and football fans in general will anticipate a close game between two programs very much on track for future success.  Everything seems so right about this game, yet many look at this game and see everything that is wrong about the BCS and high level college football.  This is a game where the participants would rather play someone else.  That isn’t out of disrespect for each other but a nagging feeling that a tremendous hose job occurred in 2009. 


Boise and TCU were the party crashers this year into the most exclusive club in college athletics, the BCS.  Their conferences are not the big BCS ones.  Both schools made the top 8 in the country based on their records and on the field performances.  However, the BCS in their infinite wisdom decided to keep the big boy conferences away from the two interlopers.  Boise and TCU got treated like Larry and Flounder did at the snooty frat rush party in Animal House.  You can be here, but you’re not associating with us in any meaningful way.


So instead of getting a bowl date with Florida, or Iowa, or any of the top 10 teams in the BCS, number 3 and 6 play each other and remain virtual outsiders in the BCS system.  The shame in this is they deserved their shot this year.  This of all years the Mountain West and Western Athletic conferences deserved that chance to shine or fail in a bowl against a Big 10, SEC, Big 12, Big East, ACC or PAC 10 school.  Everyone wanted to see how they would do.  Their supporters were ready to go anywhere in the country to see their team play one of the stalwarts of college football.


They just didn’t want to play each other. 

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Posted on: December 17, 2009 12:05 pm

This Was Going To Be About Football, But......

Originally, this edition of The Moo Report was going to be about TCU and Boise State and being treated like the proberbial red headed stepchildren by the BCS, abeit well paid ones.  Then life once again reminded us that sometimes the fun and games aren't all that important sometimes.

First, Chris Henry, the Bengals Wide Receiver passed away this morning from his injuries suffered in a fall from a pickup truck.  I won't make judgements on the man.  What's important is that a young life has needlessly been extinguished.  No matter how you feel about Mr. Henry, death was not a deserving fate.  My condolances go out to his family, friends, teammates, and fans. 

Meanwhile, half a country away, I sit in an emergency room while doctors and nurses attend to my 84 year old father.  Dad has a lot of things wrong with him.  He has heart problems and has to go to dialysis three times a week.  His diabetes is killing the blood supply to his feet and lower legs.  The demise of his capilaries has coused large sores on his feet and ankles and is prohibiting the healing of his partially amputated left foot.  I'm sure being away from home and Mom for so long is depressing him.  He often asks to us to just let him go, yet at this point won't give us the okay for hospice care or let us know if he wants more amputations and wants to fight on.  Finding the right pain medicine has been tough.  Maybe in a couple of hours the doctors where we're atwill have an answer.  Then again maybe they won't have a clear picture of what's going on. 

All I know is that the man who taught me how to throw and catch a baseball and football; the man who taught me how to change oil in a car; the man who instilled a love for many sports and the understanding that in the end they're all just games wants to no longer wishes to live.  It indeed is a horribly hard feeling for me to digest.  A feeling in the pit of my stomach that is not one easily dismissed.

So to all of you facing similar situations with aging parents or loved ones; to those of you who have lost friends or heroes long before it was their time; to anyone, anywhere, who has felt the sting of loss or impenfing loss, my best wishes and prayers for the wisdom to make wise decisions and the ability to recover from loss.

So remember TCU, Boise State fans, and those of you out there who think the BCS is really the BCS minus the C, enjoy your game and enjoy your Fiesta Bowl experence.  You were hosed however.  We should have had a 3-4 and 5-6 matchup in the bowls.  In the end though, sports is life's toy department. There bringing dad back now.  Have to wrap up.   Good luck, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to all. 
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